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  September 16, 2013 CampusTours Debuts WalkingTour of Rutgers University
  April 30, 2013 CampusTours Unveils AnyMap 3.0
  March 7, 2013 CampusTours Launches Service
  November 2, 2012 CampusTours Unfurls New US Capitol Virtual Tour
  September 12, 2012 CampusTours Releases HTML5 Device Optimized Virtual Tours
  April 23, 2012 CampusTours Celebrates Fifteen Years
  February 7, 2012 CampusTours Announces HTML5 AnyMap
  January 4, 2012 College & University Campus Map Directory Debuts
  November 10, 2011 CampusTours Announces TourCast Technology
  July 25, 2011 CampusTours Debuts AnyMap 2.0 Interactive Map System
  May 3, 2011 United States "Virtual Capitol" Wins Webby Award
  April 12, 2011 United States Capitol Virtual Tour Nominated for Webby Award
  January 21, 2011 CampusTours Unveils AnyTour Template Virtual Tour System
  June 16, 2010 CampusTours Releases AnyMap Interactive Campus Map System
  September 1, 2009 Adobe Honors The University of Miami Virtual Tour
  September 1, 2009 CampusTours Introduces "The Virtual Tour Choir"
  August 11, 2009 University of Miami Virtual Tour Showcases New CampusTours Technologies
  April 3, 2009 Adobe Honors College of Saint Benedict/Saint John's University Virtual Tour
  October 3, 2008 Adobe Honors Suffolk University Virtual Tour
  September 19, 2008 CampusTours Debuts Traffic Tracking for any Flash� Presentation
  August 8, 2008 Adobe Honors Bryant University Virtual Tour
  June 16, 2008 Adobe Honors Art Institute of Philadelphia Virtual Tour
  May 23, 2008 Adobe Honors Berklee College of Music Virtual Tour
  October 17, 2007 Adobe Honors Fitchburg State College Virtual Tour
  October 4, 2007 CampusTours Debuts InteractiveVideo Virtual Tours
  July 30, 2007 CampusTours Unveils Coordinated Video Tour Guides
  March 14, 2007 CampusTours Announces New Tour Projects
  July 17, 2006 mapformation to Offer CampusTours Interactive Map System
  July 11, 2006 CampusTours Announces Interactive Map System
  March 1, 2006 CampusTours and Hobsons Partner on Video Production
  February 16, 2006 CampusTours Supports Campus Tour Podcasting
  July 11, 2005 CampusTours Debuts Value Edition Virtual Tour Package for Smaller Schools & Community Colleges
  June 25, 2005 Macromedia Honors CampusTours Presentations for The Juilliard School
  June 15, 2005 Monmouth University Virtual & Community Tours Released
  May 17, 2005 CampusTours Inc. Releases MultiMedia Engine Presentation Management System
  March 21, 2005 Unveils New Site
  October 20, 2004 CampusTours Multi-Media Engine Powers Presentations for The Juilliard School
  September 1, 2004 CampusTours Unveils Rider University Virtual Tour
  July 14, 2004 CampusTours Acquires CampusTours Productions
  May 1, 2004 Rider University and The Juilliard School Choose CampusTours Productions
  January 1, 2004 CampusTours Productions Completes Virtual Tour for Providence College
  December 15, 2003 CampusTours Productions Debuts Virtual Tour for Columbia College Chicago
  September 1, 2003 CampusTours Productions Develops Admissions Campaign for Occidental College
  July 24, 2003 CampusTours Productions Creates Series of Virtual Tours for Lehigh University
  April 10, 2003 CampusTours Productions Releases Virtual Tour for Naval Postgraduate School
  March 20, 2003 CampusTours Productions Unveils Quinnipiac School of Law Virtual Tour
  September 8, 2002 CampusTours Productions Debuts Virtual Tour for Thomas M. Cooley Law School
  July 15, 2002 CampusTours Productions Launches Molloy College Virtual Tour
  June 15, 2002 CampusTours Productions Produces Virtual Tour for Meredith College
  June 1, 2002 CampusTours Releases
  May 1, 2002 CampusTours LLC and CampusTours Productions LLC Establish Partnership
  November 26, 2001 CampusTours Moves To Maine
  November 15, 2001 CampusTours LLC Formed - Acquires From Blackboard
  November 29, 2000 Blackboard Acquires CEI-iCollege
  July 15, 2000 iCollege Inc Acquires CampusTours
  April 12, 1999 CampusTours and Educaid Form Partnership
  August 3, 1998 CampusTours Joins Power Students Network
  January 5, 1998 CampusTours Releases New Improved Interface for
  April 23, 1997 CampusTours Launches Virtual College Tours Website

CampusTours Past Press Mentions

  December 6, 2011 The Huffington Post No Time For A Road Trip? How To Explore Colleges From Home!
  December 5, 2011 The Post Journal Common App Latest Online Tool For Colleges
  August 11, 2011 Slate College Tours: When Did They Become a Thing?
  August 11, 2011 New York Times Summer College Tours Withstand High Gas and Airline Prices
  May 3, 2011 IT News Online United States Virtual Capitol Wins Webby Award
  December 16, 2010 The Tampa Tribune Making college campus tours more affordable
  December 16, 2010 Today on Make college campus tours more affordable
  September 27, 2010 Dayton Daily News Virtual tours lower cost of campus visits
  September 20, 2010 MSN Money College Planning: How Can I Save on College Visits?
  August 8, 2010 A world of college resources available online
  July 2010 Noel Levitz - E-Expectations Series 58% of Students Value Virtual College Tours
  March 2010 The Chronicle of Higher Education Virtual Tour Offers Window to MTSU
  March 20, 2010 The Press Enterprise Get most out of visits to prospective colleges
  March 18, 2010 Chicago Tribune Get the most out of college visits
  March 17, 2010 Good Morning America College Tour Checklist
  March 12, 2010 The Clarion - Granite Hills High School Beyond the Brochure: The Far-Out College Visit
  March 9, 2010 GoErie How to have effective college visits
  March 8, 2010 The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education Campus Tours and College Orientations Go Virtual
  March 8, 2010 The Olympian Get the most out of grueling college visits
  March 5, 2010 The Kansas City Star Kids and Money: Strategize to Maximize Campus Visits
  February 1, 2010 The Tennessean MTSU to unveil revamped Web site
  January 23, 2010 International Daily News Campus Visits
   September 18, 2009 The Boston Globe You don�t have to go broke trying to get your child into a good college
   August 14, 2009 The Tennessean Take an MTSU virtual tour, beginning Monday
   April 27, 2009 South Florida Sun Sentinel Surf the Web for quick college visits
   April 24, 2009 eSchoolNews Schools Explore Campus Tours 2.0
   April 15, 2009 El Mundo Internet facilita el estudio
   April 10, 2009 Kansas City Star Web a starting place for selecting a college
   April 5, 2009 The Washington Post Checking Out Colleges Without the Trip
   March 3, 2009 findingDulcinea Choosing a College: What�s Your Final Answer?
   February 11, 2009 The Washington Times Campus visits by mouse-click
   September 29, 2008 CBS-13: Sacramento, CA, USA Save With Dave: Virtual College Tours
   September, 2008 University Business A Virtual Visit Welcome
   August 28, 2008 Associated Press College visit costs can add up quickly
   August 14, 2008 USA Today 10 ways to control the cost of college visits
   July 28, 2008 WNBC TV Sree Advice On Virtual College Tours
   March 20, 2008 Wall Street Journal Work & Family Mailbox
   January 7, 2008 Boston Globe Colleges Turn to Web Tools in Hunt for '08 Freshmen
   January 1, 2008 Adobe BEST OF 2007: Site of The Day Award: Fitchburg State College Virtual Tour
   December 4, 2007 Money Magazine Click your way to the right school
   October 16, 2007 MarketWatch College-go-round - Tips for making the most of potentially costly college visits
   April 27, 2007 Primary Research Group The Survey of College Marketing Programs
   December 4, 2006 Christian Science Monitor Backstory: Look, Mom, it's me. I'm OK!
   July 6, 2006 The New York Times 2,200 Colleges, So Little Time (and Money) to Visit
   July 3, 2006 LifeHacker Take The College Tour with CampusTours
   January 3, 2006 Adobe BEST OF 2005: Site of The Day Award: The Juilliard School Virtual Tour
   February 12, 2005 The Boston Herald Web Sites Make the Grade
   February 8, 2005 The Star Ledger Information on Colleges
   December, 2004 PEW Internet & American Life Project Virtual Tours
   September 7, 2004 South Bend Tribune Virtual Tours: Students Go Online to Visit Schools
   August, 2004 District Administration Odvard Egil Dyrli on K-12 Virtual School Tours
   July 20, 2004 NBC 10: Tech Tip Tuesday Dr. Ken Hartman's Tech Tip Tuesday: Virtual College Visits
   January 29, 2004 Art & Science Student Poll Campus Visit Drives College Choice
   October 19, 2003 Newsday The Tour Is the Cure
   September 28, 2003 Seattle Times Making the Most of a College Tour
   September 21, 2003 Philadelphia Inquirer The College Search: It's No Vacation
   September 1, 2003 Verizon Verizon Guide to Broadband Living & Content
   August 4, 2003 Gen Y'er You're Virtually There
   April 14, 2003 Time Magazine Almost Academia
   February 3, 2003 Greater Milwaukee Today In the college search, the Web can cut travel and costs
   January 13, 2003 Jackson County Tribune Virtual Tours Aid Search
   December 4, 2002 Connecting With Kids Virtual College Tours
   October 30, 2002 Wall Street Journal More Students Winnow Lists Of Possible Colleges Online
   August 13, 2002 Washington Post How My Daughter Rejected Caltech... And Other Adventures in College Tour Land
   July 21, 2002 Chicago Sun Times College tours that don't include mom & dad
   July 16, 2002 Christian Science Monitor If it's Thursday, this must be UNC
   May 29, 2002 Traveler's Journal Campus Visits [REAL AUDIO] [TEXT]
   April 15, 2002 Cincinnati Enquirer Take a Campus Walk on the Web
   April 8, 2002 Good Housekeeping Good Housekeeping Site of the Day
   January 29, 2002 The Daily Illini Prospective Students Visit Using Virtual Tours
   January 15, 2002 TeenWire Visit A College Without Ever Leaving Your Home
   January 2, 2002 Providence Journal For Prospective Students, URI is Just a Click Away
   December 26, 2001 The Motley Fool Public or Private Colleges?
   December 15, 2001 Woman's Day 25 Ways To....Use The Internet
   October 21, 2001 Matrix Magazine Is Your Site Getting Hits ... Or Being Missed?
   August 27, 2001 Morning Star, Wilimgton, N.C. Having a Wonderful Time, Feel Like I'm There
   July 1, 2000 SmartMoney Magazine SmartMoney Magazine's 2000 Internet Guide
   June 2000 Matrix Magazine Web-based Virtual Campus Tours
   March 24, 2000 The New York Times Learning Network Site of the Day
   January 11, 2000 Dallas Morning News Use the Web to Comparison Shop for Colleges
   December 31, 1999 Access Magazine The Best of 1999
   October 13, 1999 New York Times Online Presentations Boom as Colleges Compete for the Brightest Students
   September 21, 1999 Cincinnati Post Web Tours Aid Students' College Search
   August 12, 1999 New York Times If You've Always Wanted to Go to Harvard...
   June 26, 1999 San Francisco Chronicle Ambitious High School Students Give Web the Ol' College Try
   May 18, 1999 Christian Science Monitor Learning Notebook:
   March, 1999 Currents Magazine Virtual Campus Tours: Are they the next best thing to being there?
   December 28, 1998 BusinessWeek Technology & You
   December 18, 1998 Third Age Campus Tours Online
   November 30, 1998 Time Magazine How She Found It on The Web
   October 23, 1998 WCBS News Radio Internet Minute
   August 17, 1998 Time Magazine Top Ten Internet Sources
   August 12, 1998 Computer Shopper The Virtual College Tour
   July 28, 1998 Washington Post CampusTours, The New Way
   July 15, 1998 Arizona Republic Tour a College Campus Without Leaving Your Computer
   July 3, 1998 Virtual College Tours
   June 16, 1998 Sign On San Diego Finding a college online